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Thread: Glenns Coasters and Brains

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    Glenns Coasters and Brains

    This is Friday. On Friday the house cleaning crew come.

    I'm out in the shop making coasters. I figured out what strips of wood I want for the next two additions and where I want them.

    I will be age 90 next month and my short term memory is not going to win any blue ribbons.

    A couple times in this build I have figured out what I want to do next, only to return to do it after the glue set---and could not remember which board went where.

    I had a brilliant idea. I came in the house to get the Canon (camera that is) and Carlos (the son of the family that runs the cleaning service) asked me what I was going to do. I explained that I had laid out the sticks of wood in the approximate position that I want to put them. Since I had done this a couple times before and could not remember where the sticks went I was going to take a picture.

    "Oh," Carlos said, "You have a photographic memory!"

    Nuff said?

    Have a laugh on me, courtesy of Carlos.

    First of all you have to be smarter than the machine.

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    Ha, well you're not the only one Jim, been using that for a while now.

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    I use the camera on my phone to remember things on a daily basis. It's faster to snap a quick photo than it is to write a note.
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    Yep, the camera's brain is better than my remembery at times, for sure!
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    Brilliant Jim i love the joke and your sense of humor.

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    I used to have a photographic memory, but everything went digital and I can't find film!
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    Jim, Photographic memory or not, you are an inspiration. I hope we all live long enough to say this.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jim C Bradley View Post
    ....I will be age 90 next month....

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    Pictures are great for things like that, and, for refreshing memories like...> things didn't fall out and get lost, but rather with age/time things simply get so organized that they can be disorienting at times
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ID:	87105 & Yep, I agree with Ted, you Jim are an inspiration
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    You don't have a memory problem, at least no worse than mine. I'd use a camera but I forgot where I put it.
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    When I was still working and we got company "smart" phones, I used the camera function not only to remember how something went back together but to provide photographic evidence of how I found something that had been abuse. Love digital cameras!

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