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Thread: Happy Veterans Day!

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    Happy Veterans Day!

    A crisp salute, a tip 'o the hat, and a heartfelt thanks to all you military vets, especially today.
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    yes indeed, and a belated Happy Birthday to the Marine Corps{Yesterday the 10th}
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    Thank you to all that have and are serving.

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    It's Remembrance Day in Canada, probably the only universally recognized Holy Day left. No commercialization of those who died, or those who are left. And we have a new crop of veterans now.

    Just a while ago, I learned that I had a great-uncle who was killed in the trenches in WWI. More to remember.

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    Thanks to all who are serving and those who have served. Our prayers daily for there safety and health.


    Not just today but every day give thanks


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    A very special day today. Big heartfelt thanks to all the veterans that in their way contributed to making this world a safer place for us all to live.

    Have many family members that have served to honor at the local cenotaph today. And as a nation we all thinking of the two guys that recently got taken on home soil and thinking of their families today.

    Maybe some day we will evolve as a species to find alternative ways to resolve our differences seeing that field of poppies around the the tower of London sure bears witness to loss of life.

    I tend to think a great deal about those that come home alive yet live a very different life as a result of the scars of battle both physical but also mental.

    My families contribution . Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Family medals.jpg 
Views:	8 
Size:	37.1 KB 
ID:	87194 There is a Canadian sniper medal from WW1 in there.

    I think an appropriate you tube video would be this one today.

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    Thank you , and to all who served.
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