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Thread: TV, Any one have a Samsung 46" smart tv?

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    TV, Any one have a Samsung 46" smart tv?

    Any one have a Samsung 46" smart tv? What do you think of it? Wife is thinking of greeting one for us for Christmas.

    How is the sound? I have read much about several of these flat panel tv's and most say they would need supplemental sound systems.

    Please give me the inside info.

    Or is there something better?

    We only have room for a 46", even though I am learning that bigger is better. Just can't fit it.

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    Do you have the specific model number?

    Across the line, I would say that the sound is so-so. I guess it would depend on what your criteria is as it's underwhelming for action movies but perfectly adequate for watching the news. Personally, I run mine through a receiver as I prefer a richer sound than a space-constrained built-in TV speaker is going to offer.

    On a third hand note, my neighbors have one as well and it works fine for them without any augmentation other than hearing aids for their 90+ year old ears.

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    We have one and have been happy with it. It's not our primary TV so doesn't get a lot of use. The sound is adequate for watching the news and late night shows. If I wanted more, it would be hooked up to a surround system with decent speakers.

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    My first flat screen TV was a 46" Samsung LCD. Hooked it to a surround sound system and loved it until I decided I needed a bigger one (kinda like buying your first ... and consecutive ... lathes). I used it for 5-6 years and gave it to my mother. It's been there for another 5-6 years and doing great.

    Like others have said, the sound is ok but not excellent. If you don't have the room or can't invest the money for a surround system, look into a sound bar. Most places that sell the TV's will also sell sound bars. Best Buy has them starting at $100 and going up. It sits in front of the TV and gives you 90% of what you'd get out of a full size sound system. Go into an electronics store and you can probably get someone to demonstrate what they have and help you pick something that matches up with your system. You can also get educated on the systems then buy later. Most sound bars are 1-2 plug installs.

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    I don't have a Samsung, ours is a 42" Sanyo. Since I have a tin ear when it comes to sound, it sounds okay to me, but I have notices there's a delay in the sound to the mouth on some shows... don't know if it's the TV or my Dish or which.... my standard cathode ray TV that sits in my den next to the desk doesn't have the delay, nor does the small flat screens in my wife's studio or in the breakfast room have the delay. Sometimes is very disconcerting to watch a show and see the mouth move and 1/2 second later hear the sound.
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    We use the samsung tv's here at work, they work fine, sound somewhat depends on the size of the it's subjective. If you don't want a full surround sound, check out some of the sound bars they make now.

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    Our Sharp 60" has horrible sound so we added a sound bar. This one was under $100 @ Best buy. Makes a huge difference!
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    We have a UN46ES6500 45.9" Diag 1080P 3D 120 Hz LED HDTV WiFi - also known as a Samsung Smart TV. Picture quality is excellent. 3D works good but we have only run the demos. It showed Hulu Plus directly, but we have since dropped Hulu. It is only okay as a web browser or slide projector.

    When we bought it, the salesman pushed us to get an auxiliary Yamaha YAS-101BL Soundbar. We may be getting old and deaf, but the soundbar is most often left off - the TV sound is good enough, and sometimes better (the music in drama shows doesn't overpower the speech). (We disabled the "automatic link" to the TV remote, since the mute function didn't work when the phone rang, so now we only turn on the soundbar occasionally.)

    I would certainly do the TV again, and would not bother with the sound bar.
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    Can't tell you anything about Samsung. When we were looking at upgrades a couple of years ago, I researched the subject of large, flat-screen TVs ad nauseam. LG won the comparison war for us and we bought a 55". Its native sound is OK, but we planned to add a Bose system to it anyway.
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