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Thread: It's Friday! 11/14/2014 Edition

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    It's Friday! 11/14/2014 Edition

    It sounds like we'll be getting our first real snow here this weekend, 1" - 3" expected tomorrow. That usually makes the shop a little warmer, so going to try and get my stair treads ready for a bullnose. Also need to start drilling tenon holes on the high chairs. Having dinner with some friends Saturday, then a little more shop time on Sunday hopefully.

    What's everyone else got going?

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    day 2 of 6 for the craft boutique. more code conversions for the upcoming cnc machine code.
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    Maybe 10cm of snow coming. I think it's time to winterize the pool. There was a skim of ice on it yesterday, so probably won't take that last dip

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    As usual, working the day job on Sunday. This is a part-time job with flexible days except for Sunday, so this weekend I can get some woodworking in. Hopefully, our rainy season is on the way so back to work on the shade structure which will also keep the rain off my file cabinets with WW goodies stashed in them. Eight more mortises to hand cut and then some assembly is required. Will have to find some willing hands to help. In between, house work. Not preaching this weekend so a little more time. Next week that all changes!

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    I don't want to get anyone jealous, this weekend planned is just incredibly exciting...........................NOT

    in 1 hour and 30 minutes, I start my great weekend with a shot in my knee, some more gel, last shot.

    then, limping along I am headed over to the market because we need milk, bread, tomato paste, usual stuff.

    Now, the excitement is just beginning, after that, I will grab a quick bite, and head over to Costco to finish off the grocery list, paper towels, cups, coffee, etc.......

    After all this excitement, my wife informed me she is getting out of work early today, and as soon as my daughter gets out of school the 3 of us are headed over to the mall so I can look, comment, critique, new dresses they are purchasing for an upcoming wedding in January.

    The best part of that, is that I get to sit in a womans dept all afternoon, and early evening, and to top off the fun, I get to put the purchases on my credit card.

    whooooosh...........don't be jealous.

    tomorrow, I get to go to the bank to handle things, another store, and maybe an hour or two to rest the knee.
    maybe my kids will come over and let me buy them dinner.

    Sunday, Im locking myself up in the den to watch football, Im going to leave my phone shut off and in the garage.

    We know how to live here on the east coast.
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    5,719 crack me up.

    Tonight and tomorrow I'm with my dad in the booth selling out wooden wares at a holiday market we've done together the last 3 or 4yrs. It gets over around 3 tomorrow and we will probably go out to dinner to spend all/any money we made in the booth. Sunday will be football and if warm enough, I'll get out in the garage/shop to start work on some things for another show I have on Dec. 6th.
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    I don't have anything really planned... we have comp tickets to the Foothills Art Guild Craft Show in Knoxville for t his weekend... maybe tomorrow for that, or Sunday, depends on what LOML decides... it's 24 degrees outside here this morning and I'm a cold weather wuss, so since my shop isn't heated and all that steel out there gets awfully cold, probably will stay on my keester for the day... should warm up some over the weekend and depending on which day we go to the Craft Show will get a little more time in the shop.
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    Hey, all you yankees! Take this cold air back and keep it up there!!! Sheesh!

    Friday: Finishing a couple of cutting boards I'll post shortly. Also wrapping up a couple of small items for LOML. I'll trim and mow the lawn for (hopefully) the last time this afternoon - until March maybe.

    Saturday: Shop time early to do a little cleanup. Lunch with some ribs I smoked a while back and put in the freezer. Then, keep an eye on the race stuff and maybe a game or two.

    Sunday: Brunch, then settle in for a day of seeing who will be a first time NASCAR Cup champion!
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    finishing the flooring - then I will do trim - then the wheels under the slider doors - then door hardware.


    If there is time - to install circulating ducting in the attic.

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    Woke up to a little snow this morning. Not much, just covered the ground.
    The annual church holiday fair is next Saturday so I've been busy making some pens for the silent auction and some little turned bird houses. Never tried those before but they came out OK.
    Saturday is Levi Saturday at the Church. Got a bunch of us getting the building and grounds ready for winter.
    Sunday heading to Vermont for my twin grand kids birthday party.

    I haven't been in the shop hardly at all since last spring. Back problems have pretty much had me mentally down. It really felt good to be back doing stuff again.
    I had a 3rd opinion from a Doctor at a neuro-spine center not too far away a couple of weeks ago and he has me going in this coming Monday for a new type of injection. Hopefully that helps.
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