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Thread: New pullout tray for the old PU.

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    New pullout tray for the old PU.

    I got watching things on Youtube, and came across this video.

    Anyway, I thought that would make life a lot easier when doing my handyman thing around town. You know when you want a tool it will be at the very front of the box and you have to climb over all the crap you've collected and forgot to take out to get to what you want!!

    So anyway, here is my rendition of what is featured in the video. Very similar except I didn't have the money to be buying fixed casters and made my own.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The casters took the longest time to make. Scrap wood and 14 bucks in 5/16 bolts with nyloc nuts and a bit of glue.....

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The bottom board with the castors and the pullout tray (don't know what happened to those pixs) went quick. 2 sheets of 3/4" plywood, five 2x4x12' and one 2x4x8' and a bunch of screws and about 5 hours labor. Well, 6 if you count the time I had to take the castor board out to trim it to fit between the wheel wells. I did have a friend over to help put the pieces in the truck. The components were heavy. Mostly do to how wet the 2x4's were.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The space in between is wide enough to put a 6 foot step ladder. I do have one in there now along with a couple of extension cords. There is enough height that I can put my Mikita compressor in there standing up. Pretty much done except pick up a few screw eyes so I can have a tie point to secure things from moving around.

    The whole project cost about 150 bucks and about 2 1/2 days labor.

    Thanks for looking!

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    Well done Royall. I know a specific person in Mi that could probably make good use of that in his truck

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    That is a great solution Royal, wouldn't have thought to do wooden wheels, but looks like they work well.

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    If I would have had the bucks Darren, I'd have bought the 16 casters. I think the 1 1/2" width of the plywood wheel will carry the load OK.. I'll watch them to see how the work out. I may have to sand them a little bit if they swell up in the rainy season here. I was going to put dab of "no seize" lube in the hole but got working away and forgot! That age thing again LOL... I'm just hoping that some of the moisture comes out of the 2 by material so I can move it in and out of the truck if need be. The down side of this set up is, if I want to go camping and dive trip (like next week) there isn't as much room for everything in this configuration. I will love it to death for what I build it for!

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    Good Ideer Padnah. You do notice that the truck in the video is a full size truck, with the tops of the bed sides up to his arm pits. (What the heck is up with that?) Either with that topper on it or just trying to reach over to get stuff from the front of the bed, you got it covered. In my truck though, I wouldn't need it. I can reach nearly half way across the bed floor, with both feet flat on the ground. With your topper on your truck, it will be a helpful addition.

    Nice job.

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    Looks great Royall, the only thing I might add is a an end stop board on the end of the tray to keep me from pulling the thing out to far, but that's just me.
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    Tony, have to have the canopy on the truck.... you know how much it rains on the eastside of my island!!

    Don, I've got the blocks already cut for the stops, Just got to tired to add them LOL!

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    Sweet solution to a knee-busting problem. Thanks for sharing that and your version makes it very doable for many folks.
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    Looks like a great solution, Royall.
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