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Thread: first bowl from the maple burl I came into....

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    first bowl from the maple burl I came into....

    Here it is first maple burl bowl.....6 3/4" diameter....2 1/2" tall...walls 5/16" thick......finish....Minwax Antique Oil........for your comments and critiques............with the tenon turned off BTW....

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    Ken it looks very good, the shape is about right, and the wood sure is pretty, and your finish on this one is really nice

    For myself, on a thicker bowl, I don't like the edge that you put on it, the inner edge higher than the outer edge, I like them about even or rounded over, as I see this as something that will, or could get dinged and dented with use.

    Now saying that, I'm talking about a personal preference here, I'm not saying it is "Wrong" but to my eye, it does not do the rest of the bowl, the shape and the execution justice. YMMV

    All in all, that sure is one good looking stout bowl, you or your lovely wife should get years of service out of that.

    I do like the base as well, the extra lines in the tenon look great, and I like seeing things dated, with the wood type on them too.

    I'd give you a B+ for sure!

    Boy you have come a long way in a short time Ken, I'm really impressed about finishing that workshop of yours

    Thanks for sharing this wth us!
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    Looking good, Ken. Nice wood, sweet finish, and not meaning to contradict Stu, but I like the beveled rim. Stu's looking at it for usability, and I'm looking at it for art. Typical of both of us.

    Form-wise, I think I prefer a bit smaller foot, but that's strictly a personal preference, The bigger foot is more usable. You nailed the curve from the rim to the foot...very smooth. I think you'd agree that your photos would benefit from better lighting. Your work has steadily gone up in quality, so it'd be a good time to kick up the photos a notch or two. Your work deserves it.

    On the form vs. function topic...some Japanese business associates gave LOML and me a beautiful set of wooden bowls as a wedding gift last spring. They made it a point to tell me these were regular "everyday use" bowls from the department store, like the ones they use all the time at home as soup bowls. They stressed that they intended for us to use them as such. We've used the bowls once, but we both think they're too nice to mess up with salad and soup.
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    Ken I like the style of the bowl and the thick edge.The shape is very apealing also.You did a great job of turning without the usual tearout on the end grain I like It.

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    Ken, don't let Stuart pick on you about the bowl edge.

    In a recent turning class one of my fellow students wound up with a big chip on the edge of his bowl and was quite upset about ruining it. The instructor took his bowl gouge and did a very similar edge to yours. When he was finished he told us that it was "planned that way" and the bowl was "art" not utilitarian.

    Beautiful work!!

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    Sandy......This bowls edge/lip was, in fact, the way I planned it. I hadn't turned a bowl in several months, so I watched Bill Grumbine's video. I watched him turn the lip on the bowl like this and thought..."I like that" so I did it too. Form, finish a lot of turning is subjective and everyone has a right to an opinion. Besides, when I put something up here for critique and comment, that's what I want.....If I find something really turns a group of people off, I probably won't make that again intentionally.

    Thanks for the comments and critiques, folks! Pro or con they are always valued! I won't get any better if someone doesn't point out my mistakes or the areas where I could improve my turnings!

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    Ken I like the bowl. The simple form and the edge. I just got some Minwax Antique oil and love the way it goes on. Ken ya did good.
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    Ken, you and I both know that I'm no expert on turning the bowls, but I know what I like, and I sure do like that one--a lot! I can picture it sitting on the kitchen counter filled with apples--red or green, both would be pretty in it. I like the form, I like the finish, I love that maple, and the thickness to me says "here I am, ready to work for you" instead of a thin-walled piece that says "here I am with no real function but to look pretty."

    I like it!!!

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