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Thread: Dog gone it

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    Dog gone it

    My dog Buck answers to dollar
    Wears bandanas as a collar
    Stays real close no need to hollar
    I go first and he just follars

    I walk ol' Buck around the park
    We like going after dark
    Past the swings he starts to bark
    Lifts his leg and leaves his mark

    Yep that's my dog, good ol' Buck
    Had him fixed a nip & tuck
    He looked at me like 'you hockey puck'
    Then he ran away, just my luck

    Just trying to bring a smile or two
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    You had ne at the first line!

    My son and DIL got a border collie. They had trouble coming up with a name for him. They bought him a Scout collar, and thought, "Why not name hime that?" It sounded kinda funny going to the back door and calling him in by yelling, "Collar!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Tulk View Post
    It sounded kinda funny going to the back door and calling him in by yelling, "Collar!"
    Could be worse ... I had a cat named Kayos.

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    My first dog as a kid was a beagle named Hugo..

    Had a cat named Mousetrap, but that was just wishful thinking on our part.
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