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Thread: Wanna dump my radial arm saw

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    Wanna dump my radial arm saw

    I've owned 3 over the years and every one seems underpowered and all but a vintage DeWalt were. Pain in the A to keep adjusted.

    I'm considering a sliding miter. Right off the bat, no, I can't afford a Festool 😊.

    Looking for suggestions/experience.

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    I have a Makita that I really like, but if I was to buy a new one today, it would be the 'knee action' Bosch. It's pricey, but still only about half the cost of the Festool.

    If you can get away with a smaller one, the 8" Hitachi is a great saw. I had one for over 20 years, and just plain wore it out. It was amazingly rugged and accurate.
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    I have a 12" Hitachi SCMS that I got on a discount price. At the time is was $599.

    I saw the same saw in Lowes the other day at $399

    I am very happy with it.

    I can cut 12" then flip the piece over and cut another 12" for a total of 24"

    I can cut 4x4 post easily.

    I would buy it again.

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