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Thread: Another Purple Heart Question

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    Another Purple Heart Question

    Esteemed Friends,

    I've got some 4/4 Purple Heart I plan on making a jewelry box out of. Approximate size will be 16"x8"x8"

    It will have 4 small drawers. Heres my question: if I resaw it, do you think the wood will be strong enough not to flex? Any of you who have worked with it know it's pretty formidable. My thinnest table saw blade is 1/8"


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    Kevin do you have a band saw ? that would be my choice for resawing.
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    Mine, albeit much smaller, was re-sawn on a band saw with with a radius tossed in for fun. Band saw should work well.
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    If your 4/4 blank was S2S and is now milled true and doesn't deviate much after resawing and smoothing you should end up with material about 5/16" thick. This medicine cabinet insert is 5/16" mahogany and has done fine in the guest bath. the rails and molding act as structural items as well as decorative and the joints are sliding dovetails which makes more delicate structures pretty rigid. If you are lean on purple heart, have you considered using a substrate, resawing the purple heart and veneering the piece?

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    I resawed my wood today. It was hard but came out great. I do not have a band saw so I started it on the table saw and finished it by hand. I made sure to dimension the wood very well before, so it turned out well. Lots of manual effort though.

    I had to change my plan of using sliding dovetails for joinery because the wood is not thick enough to fit. In other words, the male end is too thin for the female end. So I will use dados instead. Fun day in the shop!

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