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Thread: Cutting Board Design Software

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    Cutting Board Design Software

    I noticed that Ned was playing with CB design in SketchUp and remembered that I used to have a free cutting board design program called CB Designer that worked pretty darn good. I lost it when my old laptop died. When I went to download it today my security software removed it as a threat (nothing specific, just that it was old and unreliable--kinda like me). After a struggle, I overrode the security and, following some special instructions it started and ran well.
    Googling cutting board design software got me to another program called Cutting Board Designer It's a pay program and I decided to risk ten bucks or so to see if it worked any better. It works as advertised, but I kinda still like the free one better.

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    Thanks for taking one for the team Ted. Good to know.
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    i sent ned the cb designer one when he first started this adventure. i use it all the time.
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    I noticed this guy has come out with an updated version of his software. I downloaded it tonight and after scanning with Norton, opened it up and tried it. It works. Some improvements on the GUI and the ability to load your own wood files.

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    I downloaded it, but the screens are all messed up. Buttons are overlaying each other and hiding some of the text boxes...

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    I took a look at it, but it seemed pretty basic. The designs it would let me do were the kind of designs I can do at the workbench. If I were going to use this kind of software, I would want to be able to design end grain boards with slanted forms, to produce the op-art kind of patterns I've seen on some boards. I skimmed the help files, but didn't see any way to do this kind of thing. Did I miss something?

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