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Thread: Bench Shots/Weekend doins time

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    Bench Shots/Weekend doins time

    Time to post those bench shot and talk about what Chew-up-to this weekend.

    Unless you don't read the Old Iron section you know whatsup with me. The Great Pumpkin restoration. Working on that today. So no bench shot. Well maybe I could take one of the temp bench with all the pumpkin parts on it.

    Saturday the wife and I are working with "Serving the City as One" The Churches have come together to do community service for the day. The team we are one will be removing old gutters and repairing the fascia on a house. I have always wanted to do this and finally have the chance. I think it will a rewarding day. Lot of other programs going on help those in need.

    Sunday is church and probably some more pumpkin painting.

    God grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked anyway,
    the good fortune to run into the ones I do,
    and the eyesight to tell the difference.

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    Since I finally got one bench "perfectly" flat I decided to build another one as I figured that it would be much easier now that I have something flat to build it on. I was supprised to find that the new one did not come out perfectly flat as I had expected even though I had taken every effort to make sure that it was clamped to the flat surface at all times. Across the three foot width it is flat but along the six foot length about two thirds toward one end to has a dip of about .020 of an inch. I am going to start a new thread entitled "How Flat Does An Assembly Bench Need To Be?".

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    Robotics competition for the kid, I'll be lucky to see my workbench.

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    ...still working on a small entertainment centre. The apron is glued and clamped and ready for the final assembly this weekend.

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    here`s mine...
    Click image for larger version. 

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    For the 4th weekend in a row my Festool MFT has a bench under contsruction sitting on it:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I might get a little more done on the bench this weekend, but the bulk of the time will be spent doing some heavy work in the revanp of our front garden.
    Cheers, Frank

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    It's ON THE FLOOR!

    Now if I can just get the shelves and top on it I can put some of this junk I've got all over the place away.
    I need to add some cross braces along the desk top end. I'll just use my trusty finish nail gun. No one will know with the apron on there.

    And ..... I finally got the Planer put together. After I move everything to it's final parking place, I'll be able to play with it.

    Thank goodness for Wheels!!


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    Taking to the air on sunday, heading for Bethesda Md (DC suburb)for training next week on the new job. Tomorrow I'll be helping the LOML's fire company take this down:

    the heavy snows back in March were the figurative straw that broke the camel's back. their field day food pavilion is going to be replaced.

    now that we're just dealing with muddy conditions, it is going to be 'tear down' weekend, complete with cookout over the coals when they burn the remains down.

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    My "work bench" is the kitchen countertops for a while. I'm adding framing to ad strength to the cabinet carcass before the granite is brought in. This is my Kreg pocket hole jig connected to my Festool CT22 via a section of plastic tube I use. I got the hose at Ace Hardware, and it works on several tools that have the same OD as the CT22 hose tip.

    Attachment 7655

    Attachment 7656

    I should have all the kitchen/bath cabinets ready for measuring and templates to be made by Sunday night.
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    Well for most of this weekend I will be shoveling dirt..... I have a truck load coming tomorrow. Going to be re-seeding part if not most of the lawn.

    I did manage to sneak down to the shop to get a good start on my shop built air filter. I took alot of pictures of the progress along the way. I will be putting them up in their own thread, hopefully some time this weekend.

    I also had to build a circle jig for my router as part of this project. I'll put the picture of that up too. It is not very flashy, but it did a good job on the fan housing for the air filter.
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