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Thread: Well it's Friday, for me any way so what are you plans for Thanksgiving week end.

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    Well it's Friday, for me any way so what are you plans for Thanksgiving week end.

    I know our friend to the north have already celebrated your thanksgiving but we yanks are doing it this week end. leaving this morning for Flagstaff. Gonna meet up with LOML's sister and significant other at her place for a long week end and her Brother and his wife will be joining us for 4 day of Family fun. So what are your plans for Thanksgiving.
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    What weekend? I"m going to sit back and admire the lights I just installed in the laundry room and hallway downstairs, and sleep a lot. Maybe watch some movies on Netflix. Oh, I have to go out and admire the jury-rigged repair to the section of fence that blew down on Sunday. Just has to last until spring when we'll replace the fence.

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    going over to our nephew's for dinner, then over to the church for another dinner. then, sleep for as long as i want to....
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    Hanging at home tomorrow morning...maybe even some shop time. Heading over to my SIL's in the afternoon for food and family. Friday-Sunday....who knows??
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    Got some car parts coming to try and keep my old '99 Bimmer on the road. Problem is that every time I try and fix something, I break some small clip or other part Still planing away on the cherry slab to make a bench. That thing has about a 1/4" cup so it's giving me a workout. Thinking a router planing sled would be better.

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    Tonight I'm going to a loud local rock show being played by some friends. It's a reunion show at a sports bar that used to be one of the happening rock clubs. Should be a lot of the '80s club scene gang out and about. Now we're all just a bunch of geriatric headbangers.

    Thursday we're headed over to my sister's sister-in-law's place for deep-fried turkey and a boatload of other vittles.

    Friday I'm taking the day off work to hit a few early sales at the music stores, and to continue the house-shopping hunt. Hoping to find a new place soon.

    Saturday night I'm headed to another local rock bar for a show celebrating the bar's 13th anniversary. I'll be sitting in for a few songs with one of the bands.

    Sunday I'll be sitting around the apartment wondering where the four-day weekend went.
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    going out to lunch shortly, waiting for me the wife to get home and start cooking, put in 3 hours this morning in the shop, Im starting to feel normal again, still pain, but working with wood is therapeutic for me. 8 reindeer this morning, going to draw up the blanket chest after lunch and start cutting tomorrow.
    gonna see all the family tomorrow here, excited, I like when were all in one place.

    weather is atrocious here in the northeast today and thru tonight, so anyone out there driving, take care, slow down, an extra 20 minutes wont mean much.
    happy thanksgiving everyone.
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    Friends and family gathering at our place for dinner... LOML is trying to do herself in again by making a turkey and all the fixings... I didn't think she was strong enough yet to put all this together, but couldn't talk her out of it.... Our boys will be here along with some friends... total of about 7 or so for dinner.

    She'll be a week getting over all this...
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    Working tomorrow, of course. And Sunday. Friday and Saturday, maybe some woodworking. Still have those two mortises to chop. No shopping for me. I hate crowds.

    Today I have to get the motorhome ready to roll. Need propane and there is no delivery!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carol Reed View Post
    ...I hate crowds....!
    Except on Sunday
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