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Thread: Barcelona Messi sets goal record

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    Barcelona Messi sets goal record

    This is a reason i have a dislike for teams sports in general and the "celebrity" sports person.

    So we have all these team sports around, Hockey, Football, Cricket, Basketball, Rugby and of course Soccer. What has bugged me since i first came into contact with sport at school was its called a team sport, we educated to buy into its a team effort but time and time again we have a single individual being given disproportionate credit in my view for their contribution.

    Where would these so called celebs be without the TEAM!!!!!

    This morn CBC making a big deal of this guy Messi setting a goal scoring record for soccer club Barcelona.

    Is he a great player, sure but watch the replay and you see if it were not for the setup he would not get to score.

    One of things i like in Hockey is that they give credit to the guys that played a part by giving them recognition as an assist. At least that's a bit fairer.

    Where would Pats, Tom Brady be without the offensive line guys taking the knocks and protecting him. Same goes for all the other QB's.

    Takes 11 guys to win a soccer game darn media needs to start taking cognizance of this. Got nothing against Messi but man in the world cup they put such pressure on this guy its unrealistic to think in a team sport an individual can do it all.

    Whats your thoughts.

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    Well, in baseball at tleast, if a player knocks one over the fence, it's all on him. If he doesn't knock it out of the park, but makes it to first or not, there is a lot of teamwork going on, and the announcers usually give credit to the fielders that worked together to get the out. I love baseball.

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