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Thread: Mitre Guide Sacrificial Fence

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    Mitre Guide Sacrificial Fence

    I was wondering who else does this, the sacrificial part of my mitre fence gets chewed up, and shorter over time, I like to have a backing to prevent blow out on most cuts, so I make a few at one time when it is time.

    Mine are made from 18mm thick MDF cut 70mm tall and 450mm long, YMMV

    I counter sink a few holes for the bolts that hold them in place on the mitre guide, so I use the old piece to line up my fence on the drill press, then drill away.....

    I use the same set up to drill the hole for the bolt to go through, sometimes I put four holes in the piece, sometimes three.

    I then put a strip of PSA #240 sandpaper along the edges, this time I was running low on such sandpaper so I only did one edge on two of the pieces.

    You can see the chewed up piece there too. I then label them as Mitre Guide and stow them under the SawStop.

    Is there some other way to do these? This has worked for me, but I was thinking that the brain trust here might have some better method.

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    I have the same miter gauge and also use a sacrificial fence on it. I made mine out of 1/2" or 5/8" BB ply years ago. (Don't remember for sure, and it's deep in storage right now.) It has gotten shorter, but not so short that I've needed to make a new one yet. Eventually I will, though. I didn't add any abrasives to it, and haven't really had a problem with slippage.
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