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Thread: Pretty nice tool box

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    Pretty nice tool box

    From what I've read this is a pretty good tool box one of those hidden gems from HF.
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    It is a nice looking box, looks to be on sale too...

    I bought one of the black three tier sets years ago, is a bit cheap, but for personal use it's held up great.

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    Friend just bought the red one. That is a good price! He had a plastic HF cart that he added full extension drawers to for his turning tools. Now the tools are in the new red toolbox and the plastic cart with its oak fronted drawers are at my house. Woot!

    I bought the black one years ago. No longer have it. Was sort of chintzy but it held up. I have two sets of Grizzly boxes (4 all together) that are fine tool boxes as well.

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    It is decent, but depending on the tools you have, I'd like more short drawers instead of getting the larger ones at the bottom. (or you have to build inserts to convert cubic space to useable square space)

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