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Thread: Magic wine bottle stands

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    Magic wine bottle stands

    These were supposed to go to the Holiday Market tomorrow, but since the forecast is for 100% rain all morning, guess I'll hang on to them for next week....
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Tellico Plains, TN
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    Those are great Chuck ...sorry about the bad weather for your market.
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    You made some real beauties, Chuck! Hope the weather is better next week.
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    Bummer on the weather, but hang on to them {enjoy} as long as you can, they'll be snatched up as fast as you put them out, I'd bet on it!
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    Cool design, Chuck. I hadn't seen that one before. They should sell well.

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    they look great I prefer the Cabernet my self but the Merlot would do in a pinch. The wine racks are nice too....
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    Really cool variation on the idea. Never seen ones quite like these, they should be a definite hit.

    Is the little knob on the base hiding some structural elements?

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    As long as they hold Zinfindal, I'm in! Cool stuff Chuck!
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