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Thread: starting next years posts a little early....

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    starting next years posts a little early....

    Now lets all get out to the shop and make something, break something, clean something or mess something up and put it in a thread so all of us can share in the success, failure, brilliance or stupidity .

    now you've done it glenn, you've guilted me into starting next years threads a little early. earlier this year, my wife actually gave me the green light to finish furnishing the rest of our apartment. the last items for the living room will be a display cabinet (thanks for letting me adapt your design larry!), and a pair of lamps for on top of the entertainment center. then on to the dining area, where i am to be allowed to finish off the three dining chairs, and build a fourth one to replace the one that was given away, and a new dining table to replace the one also given away. finally, in the bedroom, there will be a new dresser, bed, computer desk, 2 more of the lamps like the ones in the living room, a new computer desk and monitor stand, 2 new bedside stands with drawers (yet to be designed), a new printer stand, a new mirror (to be designed), and a book shelf for my woodworking books and magazines. to round off all of this, a towel shelf for the bathroom.

    so, i guess i'm going to be kind of busy next spring, that, and with another 30 cutting boards, 30 pens and pencils, another 6 peppermills, maybe even sneaking in something for the fair as well.... lol
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails display cabinet.jpg   japanese lamp.jpg   dining chair.jpg   dresser.jpg   new dining table.jpg  

    printer stand.jpg   book stand.jpg   computer desk and monitor stand.jpg   bed.jpg   bathroom cabinet 3.jpg  

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    What size printer is that stand for?

    I've have a color laser all in one coming for my parents for xmas and the size is more of a commercial unit. I am looking at stand idea's (won't know what size I need until the printer is here to find their comfortable height)

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    Just "thinking" about trying to do that much stuff - hurts.

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