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Thread: New Sander Needed (wanted)

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    New Sander Needed (wanted)

    I'm thinking about getting a heavier random orbit sander, what I'll call a two-hander. I have some floors to refinish and seems like it would be good for exterior siding and trim as well.
    Most of my portable power tools are Makita, but I'm open to suggestions or others' experience. Any thoughts ?

    I hope everyone's having a great weekend.


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    Expensive, but the 6" Festool Rotax is rugged, and does a good job in either setting - ROS or Rotax.

    If you were closer, I'd lend you my older Porter Cable 'angle grinder' ROS. It's a brute that has sanded a lot of siding and fascia. Great tool, but I don't think it's available any more.
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    If you are just doing a few rooms, I would mention going to HD and renting one. I know the sanders/grinders rented at HD here can be rented with a very good dust collection system to keep the dust to a minimum. Cheaper than buying one.

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    Here's a ROS review article. I have the Bosch and like it. I have a 400 year old B&D (this idea) that still works great but is as heavy as lead, and a Hitachi belt sander that's great.
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    Thanks for the good advice, everyone.
    We're going to put this little project off until after Christmas, and will definitely go the rented floor sander route. I still might look for a hd Bosch machine before outdoor painting season comes around again.

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