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Thread: Small Keepsake Box, Christmas present.

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    Small Keepsake Box, Christmas present.

    Howdy, sawdust creators!

    Christmas present finished, ready to ship to its destination.

    The Latest Woodsmith Magazine, issue 216, had in it a small curved fingerjointed keepsake box, that I was inspired to make as a present, for an important person I tend to make things for.

    The body of the box is Sycamore, the floor is Poplar, with the inside lined with some decorative fabric. The lid is Red Oak, and the lid cap on top is several species of scrap glued up into a pattern. I did something completely different from the plan in the magazine for a handle, using a 5/8th inch Oak dowel, and more scrap glue-up sections for posts to raise the handle above the lid.

    The Pictures:

    Thanks for looking!

    -Kevin in Indy
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    Beautiful wood to go along with some beautiful work!
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    That sycamore has got some pizzazz to it. Nicely done.
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    Nice job, Kevin! Some lucky person just got luckier

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    Beautiful box Kevin, thanks for showing it. Nice combination of woods.
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    Nice box Kevin, nice details on it.

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    Nicely done, Kevin!
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