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Thread: l am little young to have..

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    l am little young to have..

    known many of you do?

    only know him from Rifleman series

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    Yeah, I remember the song. Didn't connect the artist with the "Rifleman" TV show, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Keeble View Post
    known many of you do?

    only know him from Rifleman series
    Lucy and I are watching The Rifleman as of the moment, as we do every Saturday morning, Bell XpressVu, channel 1281.
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    I remember that I heard Johnny Crawford singing, but I couldn't have named the song. I also thought he did "Cathy's Clown" but that was the Everly Bros.

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    I think his singing came along after he made a name on The Rifleman... think he was about 12 when he started. Don't really remember much as a singer though...
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    No I don't remember anything.

    I did watch the Rifleman - but it was soooooooooooooooo looooong ago

    I did watch the Micky Mouse Club - but again sooooooo loooong ago

    I was NEVER any good at names and faces

    I never heard the song before but it sounded nice - I like it.

    Jonny on the Mickey Mouse Club does sorta sound familiar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Ellis View Post
    ............ Don't really remember much as a singer though...
    I picture Vaughn saying this, when asked about his younger days as a rock star on tour...

    Used to watch the rifleman with my dad, he got me into westerns way back when Rawhide, Wagon Train etc. was playing.
    News to me though, on the kid ever being a singer.
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    I'll stick with the TV program vs the singing--lol.

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    Here's another child actor who's a singer (and a pretty accomplished guitarist)...

    Billy Mumy (from Lost In Space) is a friends with a couple of my old Albuquerque friends. He's into collecting vintage guitars, and with the help of my buddy Mikey Wright, he's built up a nice collection. (Mikey has some pretty good credentials himself. Formerly the head designer at Jackson Guitars, he's a guitar tech who's toured with Pink -- among others -- and currently works as the guitar tech and backup guitarist on The Voice. He's also good friends with Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top and does a lot of his guitar work for him. He's a bigtime vintage guitar guy with a collection worth hundred of thousands of dollars.)
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