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Thread: Minwax Clear Satin Wipe on Poly and Min Wax Sanding Sealer

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    Minwax Clear Satin Wipe on Poly and Min Wax Sanding Sealer

    A couple of months ago I put some Minwax Sanding Sealer on a Magnolia hollow form(endgrain) that had dried from a magnolia tree cut 3 yrs ago. I decided to put the piece back in the lathe and sand it some more. I assumed all the sanding sealer was completely gone. I got around to putting a coat of Min wax Wipe On Poly(not the water based one)on it.There appears to be places where I see a line of one finish or light place..I see several places like this. I sanded the entire piece through the grits and wipe it down with a damp rag and still see some.Should I put more wipe on poly on it....sand it some more or does anyone have an idea what might have happened? Will more coats maybe help it?It is hard to describe it and I dont think I can get a good enough pic to show it.
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    Mike I'm far from an expert but as no one has replied I will give you my opinion. WOP is very thin stuff and it will soak in the wood really well. Probably you have places on the HF that is sucking in the WOP more than other places. It may take several more coats of WOP. It might help to put on a coat of shellac and sand it back lightly to help seal the wood. I hope it turns out great. End grain on bowls often sucks up WOP and leaves a dull looking place and I just keep on applying till I get the look I want.

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    Fred you are probably right I think.I am going to do something like this and see. I want to get on with this and onto another project! Thanks!

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