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Thread: Carrot wood and blue mahoe.

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    Carrot wood and blue mahoe.

    I've been looking for some carrot wood and blue mahoe bowl blanks and some 1/2 inch boards to build boxes. I haven't been able to find any. So if there's anybody here from Florida I'm looking for some I no there's carrot wood and blue mahoe trees near Tampa

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    Chad welcome to the family. Someone will chime in here I'm sure.
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    Can't help. Never heard of it but I'm sure a bunch of folks around here vcan answer your question.

    Welcome !!!!!!!
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    Hi Chad. Welcome aboard. Glad you found us and hope to see some of your work, specially the carrot wood.

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    However, I am no help. I haven't even heard of those woods.

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    If carrotwood is a form of Tamarind then this place has both

    Never heard of them until you brought this up.
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    Seeing the example of blue mahoe I would hate to have to build that in a project, since the variation in color is so huge. I also wonder what the wood will look like in months or years - for example, purple heart has a very strong purple color to begin, but in a year or so turns boring brown.

    This may be an opportunity to experiment with dyes. I recently had to do an Air Force Logo inlay which, naturally, required blue. A few grains of blue dye solved my problem. I didn't have to mix up pints or quarts as directed - just used a few grains from the bottle of dye crystals, mixed with enough (in my case) clear sanding sealer, and ran with it. What I used was It might even work with blue food coloring, but you would have to experiment with that.

    Same issues if you are looking for an orange wood.
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    Welcome Chad. I'm a park ranger in the FL Keys, where we have both. As for source I'm sorry I can't help there. Had a friend that ran a wood shop in the Upper Keys, but has since gone out of business who had some each. Carrot wood is an exotic and is usually cut and herbicides if found down here. Blue Mahoe is less plentiful than regular Mahoe, also and exotic and treated as such also. Sorry no help either.

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