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Thread: Drilling/Forstner Bit Extension?

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    Drilling/Forstner Bit Extension?

    I am looking how to drill a deep starter hole in a hollow form. I dont have a forstner bit extension so am wondering what most of you do.Probably 12" deep is sufficient for now...Maybe an easy way to make an extension would be good.

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    CSUSA has a pretty heavy duty 6" bit extension for about $20.... I didn't search long enough, but believe I earlier I saw one for about 9 or 10" long for not so much more.... by the time you get the steel, drill it, tap it, I would think you would be money ahead to just buy one.... with a 9" extension and the approx 3" length of the forstner, you'll have your 12" and save a lot of frustration.

    I use mine to drill pepper mills and just keep it set up for the through hole with a 1 9/16" forstner in it.
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    I used mine yesterday...using it for years. If you are boring for a mill of some kind, remember to drill from both ends to minimize the deflection caused by either the bit or grain. Pic when I can.
    Chuck...1-9/16" are hard to find!! Ordered a couple off Amazon, sucks they aren't found in the neighborhood.
    Mike, if you're just doing HF's...use an auger bit commonly found at a BORG.
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