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    Router table

    Seeing how I'm a production shop and make the same things over and over, I thinking of setting up a 4 router station, A hexagon table with 4 routers mounted on removable plates. and then mount the whole thing on a lazy susan so I can just rotate it to the router I need and keep it against a wall. Has anyone build something like this before?
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    Nope, although I've seen some versions for shaker tables that looked vaguely similar. Seems like a reasonable theory and would be interested to see how it works out if you try it.

    Most of the shaper setups I've seen were 3 sided, maybe easier to have a reasonably long fence without them being in eachothers way way?

    Also not sure about DC? Mostly above table I guess?

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    Intriguing idea. If you are routing the same profiles over and over, it seems to make sense.
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