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Thread: New Family Member:)

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    New Family Member:)

    Hi, my name is Fetu, i have been in woodworking since the 3rd of December. i have a nice shop to work in and the owner of it seems to be a pretty good fella.. i came to fill in where my predecessor left off in October.. i have some pretty big shoes to fill but i am doing my best.. he left suddenly and is now looking down on me, giving me some pointers when i need them.. i have shown my master that i have some good skills as well so we are getting along pretty well now.. and i have the misses wrapped around my toes,, i havnt got into any of her things yet and love to visit and share my food with the cat, perhaps i will get to meet some of you some day and if so just wanted to say WOOF

    oh here are a couple of pics of me:Click image for larger version. 

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    Fetu didn't take long to get into the lap warming business

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    Congrats on the new member. Great looking fella. He should be running the whole show in not time!
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    Now that's really cool! Welcome Fetu....

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    Welcome aboard Fetu! You're a good looking boy!

    Take care of that Larry feller for us will ya! He doesn't need much looking after, but do your best to keep him out of trouble!
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    I can see the family resemblance!

    You guys take care of yourselves!!!
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    Good to have those sort of family members. Nice and warm.

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    Looks like he's fitting right in, and not just Randi wrapped around his paw

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    I m so glad you found Larry for us, Fetu. He has been lost for a while and we are glad to have him back. You are now our hero. We know you will also love our woodworking family. Enjoy the sawdust, but take a good shake before you go to see Randi!

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    Nothing better than a new best friend.
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