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Thread: HF Pin nailer tune-up

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    HF Pin nailer tune-up

    I was using my pin nailer the other day and it stopped driving pins, would fire, but no pins coming out. A little persuasion against the workbench and it was shooting again, but while picking up the shop today I decided to figure out the cause.

    After a few times of firing, pins stopped coming out again. I pulled the front plate to find that the driving pin was stuck in the down position and not retracting back into the cylinder.
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    I did a little cleanup and dry lube to the channel and also polished up the back of the retaining plate. Seems to be driving ok now, but am still seeing a feed issue with the pins, seems to be the pins themselves. I'm going to pickup a brand name pack and see if that resolves that issue. There also looks to be an oil hole at the top between those two screws below the cylinder. I haven't oiled it yet as I figured enough would be coming out from the cylinder from the few drops I put in it. Does anyone oil their nailers there?
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    Try a different rack of pins from the same box, or a different length and see if there is still a problem. My HF pinner has been blessedly free from problems for going on five years now, with a drop of oil in the air connection each time I use it. Doesn't seem like a drop of oil there would hurt anything. Give it a try when the dry lube wears off.

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    Like Ted, I've had no issue with my HF pinner during the ten years I've had it. I put a couple of drops of lube in the air fitting occasionally and blow off dust when needed. It's been a great little tool.
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    I have had mine apart a number of times. Just generally cleaned it. Usually there was some sort of debris in there, Put it back together, couple drops of oil in the air fitting and good to go again for a while. It doesn't owe me anything.

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    Trouble free HF pin nailer as well.
    Why is the driver blade in the partially down position??? When you release the trigger it should return all the way up. It could be causing your feed problems. Try lubeing the orings on top of the driver.
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    Mine must have come from the same batch as Darrens. If I'm lucky, I'll get 5 or 6 driven before she throws a tantrum, so needless to say, I'm taking notes, thanks all for the tips!

    and FWIW, I'm using the HF pins as well...step one after cleaning will be to try and find a replacement brand...
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    Have that one, PC framing nailer and PC finish nailer. I've always started and finished with a couple drops of Marvel Mystery Oil just to keep things happy.
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