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Thread: wood spirit

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    wood spirit

    This is one of my latest:
    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	IMG_20140903_212207_176.jpg 
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    Wow, that looks great, Dale. We'd love to see more.
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    Thats it, I aint going to show one of my wood carvings after seeing these two wood spirits.

    Way to go Dale you in a league of your own. Not only is the carving cool but setting it in a piece of rough wood. What is the wood that you have used there?

    Sheesh i got lots to learn. Inspirational for sure.

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    Beautifully Done

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    Rob, don't be discouraged. Check out Mark Gargnac on the web.
    We all start out wanting to carve, then we learn how. I found Mark the closest to how I wanted to carve. I am not an artist and in no way could draw a face if I tried. The wood is cottowood bark, you can find a ton of it on ebay. I love working with it for the type of carvings I like to do.

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    Some more:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20140909_231132_277.jpg 
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    Beautiful work, Dale. You make that bark come alive!

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    Thank you guys for the feedback. I appreciate it.

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    Those are fantastic Dale.

    You do a really good job of capturing character in their faces and also the way you both use the existing wood shapes and transition in/out of the carving is quite nicely done.

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