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Thread: Hold on to your socks. Wonder if Vaughn started here?

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    Hold on to your socks. Wonder if Vaughn started here?


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    I've seen that video a number of times, and it makes me sad in a way. Those kids are merely rote puppets. They are not playing for fun, they're playing because it has been drilled into them. Military precision is cool for armies and marching bands, but I don't think it's appropriate for toddlers with guitars. On the plus side, though, if North Korea is anything like the USSR of old, those kids are likely getting better food and housing than many of their peers.
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    Though I agree with Vaughn, kids nowadays sure could use some stern least in this neck of the woods.
    And as a wannabe guitarist, I wish I could discipline myself more at the pratice thing...tough having so many choices of time fillers, and me with nothing but time...sheesh
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