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Thread: Make it yourself saw fence

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    Make it yourself saw fence

    Back when I was planning on the book, I designed a tee-square type table saw fence. Here is a picture:

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    I got a PM asking about a bench top saw build that I had in "Setting Up Shop" by Sandor Nagyszalanczy. That saw had a Biesmeyer fitted to it. Thanks to Nihn who got me thinking, I came up with this.

    And this brings up a question. I have a lot of hours in this. Every part is available off the shelf. Can be built in aluminum or mild steel, either of which is pretty easy to work. I could provide detained plans, but I could also use some income. But I wonder if its salable and for what price. We are so used to getting information for free, its tough to charge for it. And it is easily ripped in this digital age. What do you think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carol Reed View Post
    Back when I was planning on the book, I designed a tee-square type table saw fence.
    What do you think?
    I'd try the "" route... as in, build it yourself, but film it and put it on youtube. Then offer plans + the sketchup file for sale. Keep the price low and trust that people would buy it.
    Make sure you put in metric dimensions as well, as I am thinking there are more DIY folks outside north america than inside.

    The trick is getting the initial audience. If you knew someone "famous" (internet-famous, that is) then ideally you'd have them put in a plug for you, or maybe link to it off their website.
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    What makes it better, less expensive, more accurate, easier to adjust.........................than the dozens already out there ????????

    I'm not being negative. Just asking the question any backer would ask.
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    This guy is doing something very similar. You may want to check out his site if you have not already been there.

    I notice that he has started to sell machined extrusions. There was a lot of flak due to some folks insisting that extrusions were already "flat". We all know that "flat" can be a matter of opinion but, apparently those who felt that machined versus simply extruded won the day as he has just started offering them. I know that was one of the things that put me off his product. My thinking was that if he thought a standard extrusion was "flat", how good were his other quality controls? Perhaps unjustified but, we all react how we do and that was how I did .
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