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Thread: Light Colored Wood Paneling Question

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    Light Colored Wood Paneling Question

    Here are a couple of pictures of a suite on the British Cruise ship QEII.

    I have never seen this paneling in person, but maybe it can be dissected from a couple of pics.

    The wood is dark and light. Dark moldings and TV surround, bed headboard, etc. and light

    elsewhere. The light wood has chrome strips embedded in router channels and between panels.

    The finish looks like no gloss.

    So, what do you think the wood species is, light and dark? Same with different stains?


    How do you get such and even warm yellow color across so many panels, so panel 1 matches panel 10?


    Where could someone get chrome strips like that?

    How would you go about building this type of wall woodwork?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The dark wood looks like ribbon sapele, and a plain sliced cut of the same. Both the parquet and entertainment center would be veneered. cant really see enough detail on the lighter wood. Could be a white oak.
    The chrome strips could be gotten from various cabinet supply houses. an online search shouldn't be too difficult to locate them.
    Ill leave the finishing tips to the experts
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    My sisters house has birch paneling and that is what the light wood looks like.

    The chrome strips could have been custom made.

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    I agree with the Birch and I also think the darker is Rosewoood stain over birch. I've ordered brass strips before I may have the company on file in the shop. We're getting ready to re-veneer the Watergate elevators later this month and I will need to order 1" brass strippings.
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