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Thread: $500 for a mirka ceros sander!

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    $500 for a mirka ceros sander!

    Can this price be justified for an ros?

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    I have never tried one, but one of the folks in our woodworking club took me aside and said, "you invest in good tools - you should look at that sander. It is awesome."

    He moved on, so I can't visit his shop, and I still haven't tried it. But at least one vote for it.
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    I cannot,

    But I cannot justify a Rolex watch, a Rolls Royce, or a Yacht either.

    Heck - I cannot justify a 4 bathroom house for a 2 person family.

    I cannot even justify a brand new Chevy, or any other brand new car.

    I guess if one can afford it, then, all the power to them.

    I like my Rigid ROS.

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    I suppose a business might be able to justify them, I don't think hobbyists have too. As a hobbyist I don't think anything I've ever bought can be "justified", at least not in any normal use of the word. Everything I've read says they are the cat's meow though I've never held one one in my hands. They are introducing a brushless version called the "deros", I imagine it will be even more expensive.

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    I tried one out at Hartville Hardware a few months ago. It's actually a very nice sander, but I can buy four Bosch 5" ROS's for the price of one Deros. I could even buy 2 Festool 5" ROS's for that!
    Jim D.
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