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    lumber cart

    I'm trying to be a little more organized and getting the cutoffs in one location will help. I made this lumber cart based off plans that Steve Ramsey of Woodworking for Mere Mortals has on his site. Like most I have the I can use that for something mentality! I probably could have made it twice as long, but I don't have the room. You can put shorts in the two bins up front. The middle has storage for some longer cutoffs, and the back is for sheet goods. I don't have the room to store full sheets of ply, but I do have several off cuts that fit on the back. Here's a couple of pics.
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    That really looks handy as all get out! I really need to do one like that.

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    Nice, no more of the one you want being near or at the bottom of a stack
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    If I had room, Id build 3 or 4 of those and keep them organized with all my shorts by species and such.
    But, Ive finally gotten over the disease of Ill find a use for that later, and started learning how to dispose of shorts and strips Ive had sitting on my shelves for over a year.
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    I am fortunate to have some room to store wood.

    The more room you have the more wood you store.

    That can become a problem.

    I like your organization, real handy that way.

    I am not so organized as that.

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    Very nice and handy looking John!
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    John i built same cart and I hope you put real good large castors on it because even with 6 inch steel/poly wheels mine is a beast to move. Gets heavy fast.

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    Great looking car, need to do one of those for cut-offs myself, been using a couple of 50 gallon plastic barrels, but hard to see what all I've got in them.

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