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Thread: How do you all feel about

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    How do you all feel about

    chiropractors ?
    This morning I had my neck re-alined , Best it's felt in many years and the vertigo is gone to. He realigned my inner ear. So I'm going to have the guy do my back. Always thought of these guys as the hocus pocus type. Boy was I wrong. His office also dose rehab , so I may be taking my rehab for my knee their.

    Anyway I'm feeling great LOL
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    Been visiting mine at least once a month for the past ten years. Does wonders for my back (L4,L5 discs collapsed), and also my shoulders and neck occasionally.
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    have had good results in years past and also bad results,, now days mu family doctor says don't got one if i want to walk upright.
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    And I wouldn't be walking at all without one! That said, all chiropractors are NOT created equal. Took me months to find one when I moved back to SoCal. She keeps me moving and mobile and mostly within tolerable pain. Won't comment on family doc's. CoC's.

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    I had a great chiropractor in Florida and was very satisfied with the results in all areas of my back. The first one I saw when we moved to Thomasville, GA was a total loss; it was like he was afraid to do the twist and crunch I needed. I found another one and he did a pretty good job; really need to go back but tomorrow never seems to get here!
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    I swore by mine, until he sent a bill for appointments that I canceled... That said...I was in a lot of pain in my shoulders and had numbness in my hands. Regular doc sent me to get MRI's and the specialists told me I had arthritis and should start on pain meds. I went to the chiro and was pain free in a few weeks...and continue to be. I do LOTS of stretching now and it has seemed to keep everything in place. My dad gets sinus infiections and goes to the chiro to fix it (along with his back)...a little pop with a tool and his nose is flowing like Niagara! Another resolution for me this year is yoga...there's an app for that.
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    You and my daughter both have rocks in your head. I didn't believe her when she told me how the doctor (regular doc) fixed her dizziness.

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    I go once a month for a tuneup and find it keeps me loosened up and helps with the back pain. Good ones can do a lot of good I believe.
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    I don't have to go very often, but my Dr. is a DO, so he'll crack me. Best part is it's covered by insurance.

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    I'm glad you found someone to fix the vertigo. With a motorcycle that's nothing to take lightly.
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