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Thread: Stanley Bailey no 5 bought for $50.00

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    Stanley Bailey no 5 bought for $50.00

    Well this one was still in the box an the blade was lapped but not sharpened. My plan is to get it cleaned up an ready to use doesn't look like its going to take long. Couldn't find a date on it but like new

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice find! I think I have that same one or a 4 1/2.

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    Looks like a so-called Type 18 or 19. Made just after WWII.

    Looks in great shape, and a good buy at fifty bucks.
    Jim D.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darren Wright View Post
    Nice find! I think I have that same one or a 4 1/2.
    If you have a 4˝, then it's 3/8" wider than a #5, and about 4˝" shorter.
    Jim D.

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    Nice find.
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    You got a $50 box with a free No.5 inside. Those old boxes can sell for crazy money on auction sites

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    I would estimate it to be a late type 19 or early typ3 20 from about 1962 to 1965. The fact that the blade has never been honed and it is still in the box indicates to me that it was either never used, perhaps received as a gift by someone who didn't want it, or used briefly by someone who didn't know how to use it, and got discouraged. I have picked up a couple of very nice planes in this condition. It's worth the price.

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    It's a good looking plane, but the type has me a tad confused. The blade has a slightly rounded top, which occurred first in the type 19. The wishbone mechanism in front of the brass adjustment knob is a single cast piece painted black, which transitioned to a stamped nickel platedpiece sometime in the type 19 era. But the frog looks identical to those in the type's confusing that the lateral adjustment lever is clearly pre-type 20. It's obviously got components of both, and I don't think it's a frankenplane, as those are factory changes. It's in the range of a type 19 to type 20, but seems to lean toward type 19 as the type 20 were generally blue.... 50s to 60s is the best I can guess. It's in very nice condition....use it and enjoy.

    Here's a type 20 frog with a type 20 lateral adjustment lever attached....the lateral adjustment levers were clearly cheapened here with stamped compared to the welded versions of type 19 and earlier levers....vs yours that looks like a mix of type 19 lever and type 20 frog, but with a type 19 wishbone mechanism:

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