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Thread: My Prized Chistmas Gift

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    My Prized Chistmas Gift

    I haven't been active here lately. Lots of things going on with Christmas, friends and family visits and good times. I did want to step in and show off one of my treasures from Christmas. This was built for me by my 15 year old Grandson in his wood shop class. He is the one in the family that has shown the most interest in my love for woodworking. This was very toughing for me. He is a great young man. I am very proud of him.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    That's quite touching!
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    Great looking piece, you should be proud

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    Looks great and when he takes over your shop, you have a place to hang your hat
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    That's a good looking piece of kit. He did good, I can see why you'd be pretty darn happy.

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    Awesome! You have good reason to be proud.

    Once I learned how to use the tools, it wasn't long before I was working on projects outside of high school shop class. My granddad was very happy when I started going to his house to use his shop.
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    Excellent, Paul! Looks like he's being raised right and has a good grandpa to keep him headed in a great direction!!!
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    Treasure indeed! Very thoughtful of your grandson and very well done. I bet it gets a lot of use too.

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    great gift and in all respects.. your one lucky grandpa to have a youngun to show interst.. now you need to get him over there to do more paul..
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    Good for him for thinking of Grandpa first

    Sounds like a great kid...
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