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Thread: Need Tool Advice

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    Need Tool Advice

    I need to buy a table saw, and a router table and router. Any advice welcome

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    Table saws are a very long discussion, but think "used". I've seen some really good deals on all varieties latlely. As for the router and table, I'll suggest you build one (might be hard to do without a table saw) but don't be in a hurry. Get the router first. Many of them have built in table features, and if you want one that does it all my favorite is the Milwaukee 566=24 lit. That way you have a plunge base for use when not in the table, a fixed bade with the table adjustments, and plenty of power for all but the largest of bits. There are some other excellent choices out there as well, the Bosch 1617 is a favorite of a lot of folks.

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    Greatly depend on what kind of budget you have, I would love to have (and sure hope to some day) a stopsaw tablesaw safest and an extremely good saw. I built my out router table, nothing fancy and am only using a porter cable 190. It is only 1 3/4 hp and it works, but would love to have a 3 plus hp one such as a Milwaukee with a router lift of some kind.

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    Fred gives good advice.

    Get the table saw first, then the router - then use both of them to build your router table.

    Many of us have used the basic plan version from the old "New Yankee Workshop" series. Mine started out that way, and has been modified quite a bit over the years, and I know that others here have added 'personal touches' to theirs as well. The basic design makes a very good, solid table with nearly all the features you'll need, though.
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    Good advice from the others. Depending on your budget, you might want to consider a Grizzly table saw. There's no question that SawStop is a great option, if you have the budget for it. I considered it last year when I wanted some updated features and ultimately decided on a Grizzly unit.

    Having a seperate cabinet for a router table is a good option, but another thing to consider is mounting a router in a table saw extension. That will conserve floor space, if necessary.
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    I use the router in the table saw extension method that Bill mentioned and have been happy with it. The only drawback I found is that it eats up what might otherwise be storage space under the extension. If I had a do over and no dollar limit I would go with the Sawstop professional or industrial saw and get a separate router table. There are many cast iron router tables out there: MLCS, Bench Dog, Excaliber, etc. I would look at one of them for routing small stuff and then debate myself on whether to add a shaper and power feeder to the shop for larger stuff.

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    We would need a budget to give you any meaningful sort of answer. There are a lot of answers to your question. I got a lot of miles out of a 1970's Craftsman after I threw a few hundred dollars of after-market stuff at it and this can make a nice phased approach if money is tight. On the router table I took a more direct route from a Ryobi POS in a contractor saw extension to a Milwaukee 5625 in a lift, in a commercial top, mounted to the shop made cabinet shown. This whole rig bolts to the left of the saw.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ted Calver View Post
    The only drawback I found is that it eats up what might otherwise be storage space under the extension.
    That depends ;-) This is my old saw but the same RT rig now hangs off my Saw Stop.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Knowing your budget would help. Another variation for smaller shops...I have my contractor saw on a shop made cart, and the router table is on the right side as an extension. See thread below...

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    There is no one right answer for these questions. There are too many variables. Budget and space are but two, but a very important two. Then comes, what are your intended projects? That will dictate to some extent the nature of the beasts you are looking to get.

    I've made a bench top saw function as a cabinet saw. The fences is the more important issue with saws. Within each of the three categories of saws, bench-top, contractor's, and cabinet saw, there is a wide range of choices.

    Router tables can be in many configurations but only one feature is non-negotiable. The table mus be and remain flat; not a thing to assume! Every tool has its sweet spot in terms of application and is a compromise at best in different applications. We need more information to give your better direction.

    So generally speaking, what do you want to build, what is your budget for tools, and how big is your shop space?

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    Ill mention something, before you purchase a router lift, make sure your router fits in it.
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