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Thread: Think this will be an Improvement?

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    Think this will be an Improvement?

    Just saw this and pose the question here, Do like this idea? I don't! I won't even use the self checkout. Another way to eliminate people from our lives as I see it. What say you?
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    I'm supposed to respect my elders, but its getting harder and harder for me to find one now.

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    I don't like self-checkout either. I think the bot will know the store better than half the employees, but I'd rather ask an employee because we need all the jobs we can get.

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    I see it as an expensive toy that we'll pay for with higher prices!

    Ditto on Ted's comment about self-checkout!!!
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    This is a maybe yes maybe no deal, I am as friendly as the next guy, but if these bots will let go to Lowes and get what I want without 15 employees asking me if they can help I am all for it...there is such a thing as too much customer service, and mine lowes they just bug you to no end. I know they are just trying to help, but if I am walking and I don't make eye contact and don't ask you for help...that means I don't need help I know what I want and where it's at, and asking me every other isle by every employee in the store, probably not going to change that...bring on the bots they probably won't bother me unless i show them something and ASK for help...but that's just me

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    Unless it can tell me that the 1/4 - 2 1/2"- 20 hex-head bolts are in aisle 8, bay 4, bin 3b, with 13 available I'll settle for one of those twenty-three employees who are looking to please....their boss

    LOL Mark, I almost get a complex of "do I really look that lost" with the way they come at you from all corners of the store...that is until you'd like one, anyone, to stop and offer help digging thru the 3/4 mdf 4x8 sheets for one without damaged corners lol
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    Well....I love self check-out. Better than trying to get the full attention of the clerk who is busy relating personal drama to another employee while handling my purchase.

    The 'bots are here and we are already paying for them in the overhead, so that's a mute point. They are only as good as the information that gets programmed into them. Which means no better than the memory of a clerk making $8 an hour.

    Improvement? Maybe not so much, but a sign of the times. As for the jobs issue? It what it is and a person preparing for life with minimal skills is shooting self in the foot. One cannot expect getting paid based on personal needs. One gets paid according to a very arbitrary declaration of worth. Right or wrong. I have no control over that.

    Bottom line. Getting a knowledgeable clerk willing to help is still going to be a crap shoot, no matter what color the blog sign is.

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    I guess a robot doesn't matter anymore. Very few people talk anymore they are too busy on their super phones, whatever they are called. Who's the robot, the machine in the store or the humans walking around with their eyes on a phone screen while they are texting. They probably haven't uttered a word for hours...... I go to the store, because employees are forced to speak.... Ahhh, I feel better, I needed that rant. Thanks..
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    I have been known to leave a shopping cart full of stuff in the middle of the isle near the checkout when there are no manned REAL people at the register and only the self checkout is open.

    NO - I do not like that stuff.

    Point is - i do not get a discount to use those automated gadgets.

    The stores see it as a money savings thing --- well what about the customer???

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    Put me in the camp that prefers human beings to robots. They have a place but not in this location. Especially if the big box store websites are a sample of what the bot will be using to look up the part. As for self checkout I cannot stand them. Wish they would do a survey and find out how many people actually do. I am in Leos camp and refuse to use them.

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    Bots are/will be cheaper than People. End of story. As labor costs rise, expect more self checkouts, kiosks, customer service bots, etc.
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