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Thread: sucking it up and paying the price

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    sucking it up and paying the price

    I need some red oak lumber. I have 10 different species in my garage, non of it is red oak, and my ash is all gone.(would have used ash as substitute)
    Figured out I needed only 6 board feet, face frame and a door and drawer frame.
    I went to HD, paid 21.00 more for 6 bf then I would have in the lumber yard.
    So I started to figure out cost to go to lumber yard, between gasoline, even at 2.50 a gallon, tolls, not to mention a 3 hour round trip, I just ate the costs.
    Wish we had a real lumber yard out here on Long Island that doesn't sell s4s lumber.
    my local yard raised his red oak plywood to 68 bucks a sheet.
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    Allen, have you ever checked to see if there are any alternatives? Being completely unfamiliar with LI there may be zilch....but there also might be some place you haven't seen.

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