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Thread: Restored to internet life...

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    Restored to internet life...

    I went out today with my wife, and bought her a laptop ($399), bought us a printer ($99), and also a router ($69). That comes to $567, but by the time we added extended warranties, Microsoft Office, Malware protection and taxes, we spent $996. We both suffered a bit of sticker shock, and went for lunch afterwards and just didn't talk through the meal. I spent 3 hours this afternoon trying to get the router to connect. I followed the instructions to the letter, but it would just not connect. I called for support and was told they could help me if I paid $150, so I hung up. I tried some tricks I had learned in the past, reset the damned thing three times and tried again. Finally I took it back to the store, asked for their advice, and they gave me a replacement.

    I started out again, could not connect, so I thought there might be a problem with the modem. Called the local ISP. They said they couldn't see anything wrong with my connection, but if I couldn't connect I could have a technician come out tomorrow and possibly replace the modem. They also gave me the support number for Dlink, who I called, and somehow the magician at the other end solved my problem in about a minute by having me unplug the router and the modem and then plug them back in (as if I hadn't tried that myself!) All of a sudden, the stupid thing worked, and all the devices in my house are happily connecting to the internet. I rewarded myself with a large glass of good Canadian whisky, and have been making up for lost time on the internet ever since.

    I'm baaaack!

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    Sorry to see you had such troubles, Roger, but glad to see you're back.
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    glad you got threw it i had similiar troubles not long ago,, as for the exteneded warranties go,, the one they offered me was almost 2/3rds of the initail cost of puter no thanks buy another new on if it dies.. the software deals are a bite for sure and so maany now days dont offer cds just a down loaded file that is gone once used.. sometimes you can contact the company and get reinstated i did on the virus protction and malware..
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    One glass? That's at least a four glass event, and that's just for the sticker shock!

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    Well, that made me want a drink just reading about your endeavors. About the only things I do extended warranties on are cars and refrigerators anymore, everything else better have at least a year or three included if I spend the money on it. Glad you're back.

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