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Thread: Mortising Machine

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    Mortising Machine

    Woodsmith Magazine offers a free complimentary Guild Edition Issue: 217 at the following site.
    This is a one time thing. Just click on the yellow rectangle near the bottom of the page and click on the ‘download’ button and you will get a pdf of the magazine that you can save. Nice of them."
    The Mortising machine looks like a good project for a winters day, Hey the download is a freebie and that's a good thing.Thought some might like to give it a try
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    Thank you for the "heads up!" I always enjoy a good read!
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    Wow! That's quite a bit of engineering there!
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    I have the Woodsmith and Shopnotes library offering. It is an online version of what you get when you buy their DVD's of all the magazines to date. Takes up a lot less room than the magazines (although they will send you those free if you like) and their search engine is better developed than FineWoodworking's (although theirs is very usable) and that barely usable train-wreck that Wood magazine offers.
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    Interesting that they're now calling Woodsmith's current issue the 'guild' edition. It's almost twice the size of previous editions - BUT - they've quietly discontinued Shop Notes magazine, and (sort of) incorporated it into the expanded Woodsmith. I had subscriptions to both, and still don't know if they'll just extend my Woodsmith subscription, or what. Customer Service hasn't answered my query.
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