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Thread: Kitchen Project on Hold

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    Kitchen Project on Hold

    Well, it looks like the planned kitchen remodel at our new house will go on the back burner for a while. I need to find a job first.

    For the past three years, I've been writing software manuals for the US Indian Health Service (IHS). I've been working for a contractor developing a suite of new applications used for saving and accessing medical records. Last Friday it was announced that the IHS was cutting its IT budget by 60% across the nation, effective immediately. The decision was made to keep any staff or contractors who are supporting legacy software programs, but all development of new applications was no longer funded. Unsurprisingly, by lunchtime on Monday I didn't have a job.

    Fortunately, I'm in Albuquerque, where I have a strong network of friends and family. Also, there's a pretty strong tech industry here (including Sandia National Labs) in a variety of disciplines and I've already got contacts to placement firms that specialize in tech staffing. The word I've gotten through one of my contacts is that tech writers are somewhat in demand in this area. I guess I shall soon see.

    Next week I'll start the job hunt in earnest. I've spent most of my time this week getting things wrapped up on the house (painting, tile work, minor electrical and plumbing) in preparation for the new carpet, which is arriving next Thursday. (It was ordered a couple of weeks ago, before the axe fell at work.) Once the carpet is in, we can actually start to move our stuff from the storage facility to the house (and save on the storage fees). Obviously, our financial priorities have changed suddenly, so we'll get by with the old kitchen for a while. The cabinets may be junk, but at least we'll have all new appliances, already bought and paid for a month or so ago.
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    Now that really sucks

    Does that have anything to do with Obama care ??
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    Sorry to hear Vaughn. I hope you find a new job that is exciting and rewarding soon.

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    i told you to cut your hair sorry for the latest swing at your old trunk vaughn,, ut you do have kian here now and a place to stay at.. the local network is a great asset as well you will find another..
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    As to applying for new employment....Don't fret or get strung out over it, tune up the ol resume, adjust your saddle and stage your progression on the theory of presenting how your solo skills will be such a fine accompaniment to the orchestrated structure and the staff. Stay sharp, take the lead and the audition will soon reverberate with that sweet soulful sound of being in 'the zone of zen'....Best wishes and may this tour be short and prosperous!
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    Sorry to hear about your job situation, Vaughn! Your talent will see you through!!!
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    What the...??? Nobody terminates on Monday. Friday is terminate day... 2:00pm if they like you.... three hours to pack and say goodbye, . Otherwise, 4:00pm and an escort to the parking lot. Can you collect unemployment? Think what a bomb this would have been if you hadn't closed on the house yet. In my limited experience, talent does not go unemployed for very long if the economy is doing well and you have very marketable skills. Hopefully you have a bit in the bank to tide you over while you take advantage of the break to get moved in. Soon you will both be working and hardly have a spare minute. Here's hoping you land a new and better gig soon.

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    Sorry about this blip in your path. With your talents I'm sure you will land in a big pot of gold.

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    The wife got laid off a couple of weeks ago on Friday due to "restructuring". Like you she's done her line of work for a long time and also has a good network of people. She had a new job the following Tuesday. I'm saying that because I think you'll find something quickly.

    And Ted, they must of liked her because it was on Friday at around 2:00

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    Well that sucks! Hopefully your network will drum up a new gig very soon.
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