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Thread: detail hvlp sprayer

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    detail hvlp sprayer

    I'm looking for a smaller hvlp gun, any suggestions? Wanting it to spray water based stuff and shellac on smaller projects.

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    I've had one of these for many years and it worked great. I need to buy another because I used it so much I've about worn it out! The header on the page calls it a "40 oz" unit, but the details correctly spec it as 120cc, which is closer to 4 oz.
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    I've been using the QualSpray unit from Jeff Jewitt, at Homestead Finishing Products. I have the QS125-1B kit, and have found it to be the best I've ever used. Designed for Jeff, and intended for waterborne finishes, it has a stainless steel material path, so corrosion isn't a problem or concern. (You do still have to clean it after use, of course.) I use airbrush cleaner, followed by water, then some denatured alcohol to clean mine.
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    I have the Asturo stainless steel gun from Spray Gun World. I've primarily used it on turned pieces, but it has performed flawlessly with wood dyes (in water or DNA solutions) and waterborne lacquer.

    I saw lots of positive feedback regarding the Harbor Freight mini HVLP gun on the hot rodder forums when I was researching HVLP guns a few years back. Lot less money than the Asturo.
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