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Thread: Pats vs Indianapolis Colts ??

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    Pats vs Indianapolis Colts ??

    So whats the family view of who is going through to Superbowl 2015?

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    seahawks and pats would like the colts to knock brady out but but he is pretty clever and has more experience than luck..
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    I live very close to Gillette stadium. Take me 30 minutes to get there. Whenever there is a game on the highway Rt95 gets jammed. My daughter lives 15 minutes past the stadium exit. When there is a game on I need to leave early or late to avoid the traffic. I don't watch football so not likely I would be there.

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    My heart wants the Colts to advance but until they can prove they can beat the Pats (which they have not done for many years now) my money would have to be on the Pats to advance.
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