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Thread: Turned Mallet

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    Turned Mallet

    This was cool. I don't know how well the joint would hold up under serious banging, but it looks nice.

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    Cool stuff. I'd think the joint would hold up fine, considering that modern glue joints are typically stronger than the wood itself.
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    Hmmm...I know some people that could use that...nice project!
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    Gonna have to have a serious talk to my wood and machinery. I made a larger tapping tool like that out of green oak which cracked as expected but continues to work just fine. I need a lighter one too though. Hmm, the work crew tore down a little oak just the right size putting in a culvert in front of my place today. Wonder if they would miss a foot or two of it? I do expect them to clean up but that may be a forlorn hope. Enough plastic bottles being thrown down up and down the highway to float an Abram's tank!


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