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Thread: Twisted Mac & Cheese

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    Twisted Mac & Cheese

    MAN - you just gotta love a woodworking forum with a twist - cooking forum

    I had some left over mac and cheese in the frig. Warmed up - it just ain't all that good, but I will not throw it away.

    I also have some home made nacho cheese dip. Velvetta, salsa, jalapeno.

    So I cooked up some hot dogs, sliced em up.

    I mixed the left over mac/cheese and nacho dip with the hot dogs.

    MAN - that is a good left over lunch.

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    Definitely sounds edible, Leo.

    Around here, warm chile con queso (chile with cheese) is a common dip for chips. One of the local eateries sells a "Queso Dog", which is a 1/4 pound Nathan's all-beef hotdog in a bug, sitting in a ceramic boat, slathered with chile con queso. Good stuff!
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