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Thread: Still cranking out a few little projects

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    Still cranking out a few little projects

    I've not been nearly as active here as in the past. Things going on in the background keeping me both busy and distracted. HOWEVER, that does not mean I have not been getting in any shop time!

    These are a couple of items I just finished. The clock is straight off the pages of Woodsmith with only one variation. They make their clock face from four small pieces, I decided it was a lot easier to use one piece and saw kerfs. I made two, one a little darker than the other. I used a method I picked up from a couple of sources and then modified. It starts off with an honey amber dye, followed by a dark mission brow dye (both Trans-Tint), then walnut dainish oil follow by a 2lb cut of dewaxed shellac. Then, after a light sanding with 400, many light coats of Deft satin lacquer and two coats of paste wax. I like that it makes the piece look 100 years old.

    The bud vase is my own design, not earth shaking in any regard, but it does help me fulfill a goal I set for myself to try and use up all the shorts I have laying around the shop.

    The clock is QSWO (getting near the end of the stash I took from Larry over 4 years ago) with a hard maple face and ebony plugs. The bud vase id hard maple and lyptus.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Very nice on all counts, Rennie! It's good to hear from you.

    I saw the WS episode where they built the clock and wondered why they did the face the way they did. You sure simplified the process!
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    I really like that bud vase!!
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    Bud vase is way kool Rennie but my heart goes to the clocks, love them, the dragon fly tiles are era perfect

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    Great projects, Rennie. The dragon fly tiles are a perfect touch.

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    Very nicely done on all counts, Rennie.
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    great job man.

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