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Thread: king palm recently cut... is it worth a stump?

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    king palm recently cut... is it worth a stump?

    I have no Idea. I had them cut it between 6 & 7 ft. Is it worth preserving for stump carving? Should I seal the top with anchor seal etc? Or just get rid of it?

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    I couldn't find any reference to the use of King palm wood for any purpose, so if Google can't find it you have to assume it is just too fibrous to be of value. From what I could tell, it's not even good to burn. You might be able to stabilize small pieces for pen blanks?

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    Its chips out a lot, I've tried it an unless you get it stabilized its only good for pens as for carving I haven't seen anyone using it

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    Dale, do you mind putting your location in your profile? Won't help me answer this specific question, but in the future, it may come in handy for someone. If it is like black palm, it is stringy but can be turned but I use thin CA for finish on it for a reason.

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    All palms may not be created alike. But, I have tried turning some, kind unknown. It was like turning granite. Nebber again.
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