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Thread: Frank is alive and well...

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    Frank is alive and well...

    ...but his computer is dead. He wanted me to let everyone know that the computer resident at the Fusco household is going through some trying times. Hopefully it will be up and running soon and he will be plunging headlong back into the fray.
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    Thanks for letting us know, Rennie. I hope he gets things ironed out soon.
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    they dont last forever thats for certain..
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    computers just don't last. I've gone through to 15 years in my shop mainly because of dust but it'll be good to have Frank back
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    I just converted a laptop over to Linux Lite 2.2 for on line use It gets updated every day. I understand they are not as susceptible to viruses as wingdoze based systems. This will leave my other laptop running off line with wingdoze 7 uncontaminated.

    Here you go Frank just climb a tree or tall building or find a high hill.
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    Computer? As in Singular? I've got at least 8 at last count, and that's not including the tablets and smart phones. Ok, I might have a problem.

    Glad he's doing well, hopefully we'll see him here again soon.

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