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Thread: Shop Built Spindle Sander

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    Shop Built Spindle Sander

    Now that I've finally got "That Stupid Chair" finished, my assembly table, paint table #1, and paint table #2 could return to their regularly scheduled programs of "Table Saw," "Workbench," and "Plywood on Sawhorses that should be stored in the corner out of the way." Whew!

    I needed a spindle sander to clean up the inside curves of my wine glass caddies. I built it following this fellow's general design:

    My hole saw set will only do 3/4", not a full 1.5", so I made the drum using my TS taper jig as a circle cutting jig (like this:
    ). It was perfect since I needed a through hole in the piece anyway.

    Here's the taper jig:

    Had to do this twice... after the first time, I figured out my drill press table was out of square to the quill by about 1.5*. That drum did NOT spin true.

    Anyway, I built the rest of it like the guy in the blog. Don't have a nailer, so I just glued it all together. Top and bottom are 3/4" MDF, sides are all 1/2" ply. Sides are inset 1.5" each so I can clamp it to the table. You can see I used blue tape clamps. Figure I'd leave 'em on as extra insurance! As far as dust collection goes, this thing flat out works!

    It's just under 3.5" diameter drum. 60 grit sandpaper. I was spinning it at 850 rpm. It seemed to work pretty well, but I wish it was a little more aggressive. Maybe spin more RPMs? I've never used a "real" spindle sander... this thing was a little...... vibrational. I can imagine the beating my quill bearings are taking. I'm thinking about figuring out a way to support the down end of the drum also; try to absorb some of the side load instead of beating on the press.
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