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Thread: GOOD (Gloat) Story

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    GOOD (Gloat) Story

    This baby finally went into service at the new place this weekend.
    It's been in storage all winter.
    I had one of the tan 3HP models in the corner of my garage during a G. sale.
    A neighbor fell in love, and had to have it. Had it 3 years with no plans to sell.
    He tried to low ball me and I reminded him it wasn't for sale.
    He came back 4 times insisting I sell it to him.
    I quoted a huge price to get rid of him. He kept pressing.
    I finally suggested he could do better with a new one. Even told him about TSC or Northern tools.
    On the 4th trip he returned with a check from his wife, cash from his brother and the contents of his kids piggy bank.

    I threw in $25 of my own and bought the 5 HP Titanium... Tried to warn him!!!!
    PIX is pretty distorted, my photo program keeps messing with it?
    That thing is over six feet tall on the pallet.
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    ever think of sellin` used cars tyler?
    nice score......
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    Good deal,

    I have had the same situation happen with firearms. Some friends of mine will fall in love with something I have and insist on having just that one. I tell them up front I will sell to them what it will cost to replace with new, including tax.

    Some people just amaze me what they will do.

    Good luck with the new one, wish i had one like/similar to that one.

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    Double gloat!
    Well done. Sure wish I had something like that instead of my little pancake.

    What will you take to send that guy over the next time I have a garage sale?
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    Way to go Tyler!
    You are right, you did warn him repeatedly. Enjoy your new tool. It is amazing what you can accomplish with air.


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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Yo Tyler.

    Did you receive a step ladder with it.

    Is that the Hot Air Model

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    Ok, Ok, enough of the CONGRATULATIONS, already. What I want to know is WHY we now have a BIG....POWERFUL.... compressor, but a TEEEEEEEENSY PICTURE of it? (and this, from a Long Time Pic POLICE Afficianado, No Less)

    So what is a Titanium, Tyler, is it a Brand, or a Model? (Guess I'm not up to date on all the new stuff).

    PS: Can I park my Sea Ray Boat in your garage when You have your NEXT Garage Sale? I think I might be able to finish my Shop and Get Electricity to it TOO.

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    Congrats Tyler, nothing like having all that air on hand!
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    Congrats Tyler. The IR Titanium is new to me too, tell us about it.

    I agree with Norman….that picture is pitiful!
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